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The Woman Inside Tells Us of Her Woman Inside

The Woman Inside Tells Us of Her Woman Inside

Is The Woman Inside is the self-titled debut album by the German anti-pop artist of the same name.

Aesthetically disturbing, unassumingly honest and musically as surreal as just about anything to feature on EDMR. The Woman Inside is an unnerving smorgasbord of tracks such as ‘All Night Long’, ‘Take Me To The Place’ and ‘All The Motherfuckers’ that seem to be based around the narrative of a man who’s (quite literally) trapped in a woman’s body. And TWI pulls no punches in her appearance adopting the look of a crude shop mannequin which has come to life in order to unleash a splurge of electro-punk infused psychedelic electronica via way of a debut album, The Woman Inside.

Questions and Answers with The Woman Inside

The Woman Inside isn’t just a musical project, it’s a way of life. We wanted to find out more what makes the Berlin-born artist tick while learning more about her music. Here’s what she told us…

Hello, The Woman Inside. So, whilst your name seems pretty self-explanatory could you tell us a little more about yourself?

I came from a planet called „Self-Destruction“. I’ve learned that on earth a woman is something beautiful. I’m here to love you, I’m here to help you and I’m here to fuck you.

When did you start producing music?

With my first scream of life.

What kind of artists inspire you?

Every artist who likes to destroy and renew without fear to destroy himself.

Your persona is pretty full-on. How would you respond to anyone who is negative towards you for the sake of being so?

Sometimes an unexpected fire arises and actually, it’s pretty interesting to play with it. Sometimes you’re the sun and sometimes you’re the moon.

Can you describe your music in 3 words?

“Love fucked me” or “I fucked Love” – you decide

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?

Where I am, helping people to be honest with themselves.

When producing your album, the self-titled The Woman Inside what was the production process?

I just felt something that had to be spoken out, words became tunes, tunes became visuals, visuals became the personality. I have worked for over 3 years on this release and it was a stunning experience to just let a feeling fly or die.

Do you produce everything by yourself?


Any message for your fans?

Don’t be afraid of your Woman Inside. Every human being, sun or tree has a Woman Inside, feel free to feel it right now. It’s everywhere, everything and in everyone. Be a part of it and you’ll be a part of your destiny. I Love You, Your Woman Inside.

Listen to the album  ‘The Woman Inside’ in full here.

The Woman Inside – Attention Babe (Uncensored)

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