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Talia Perez Drops New Single ‘West Coast’

Talia Perez Drops New Single ‘West Coast’

West Coast has been referenced in modern culture and popular music more than most coastal lines ever will be. This could be down to the influence and worldwide appeal of West Coast rap or due to the fact much of the coast is made up of stunning scenery, warm climates and some of the most instantly recognisable and revered cities (LA, San Francisco, San Diego & Hawaii) the United States has to offer.

Talia Perez is a proud resident of Los Angeles, California which makes her reference to the West Coast in her latest track more genuine than most. Boasting an empowering vocal range with the presence of a popstress far beyond her 20 years, Perez’ beach-pop sound is crystalised by a tough, jagged electronic dance exterior. A bold move for a young talent, it would have been easy for her to take the RNB/dance route but instead, Perez has opted to accompany her upbeat and all-together positive vocal content with razor-sharp electronic beats and hard-hitting sound. You should never judge a book by its cover and this statement couldn’t be any more relevant when summing up Talia Perez’ music.

Citing her influences as Calvin Harris, One Republic, Clean Bandit and Alicia Keys, Talia’s latest track ‘West Coast’ is a summery concoction of all of the above blended with her own endearing vocal style. A progressive laid-back beat ascends to the pound of a dance-heavy drumming pattern as lyrics detailing carefree days by the beach and a forever youthfulness are dispersed throughout a beaming pop entwined EDM melody.

Purchase ‘West Coast’ via iTunes.


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