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Sonic Radiation Set To Drop New Single ‘Magnetix’

Sonic Radiation Set To Drop New Single ‘Magnetix’

Sonic Radiation first featured on EDMR toward the backend of 2017 prior to the release of ‘Magnetix’ and following the digital single, ‘Dyon’. Since then, the Dallas native has been somewhat quiet on the producing front especially when compared to his studio output throughout the last ten years of his career. However, that’s not to say the electronic music producing Texan hasn’t been busy in his home studio.

Ever since Todd Last was first introduced to electronic music whilst in college he has been building and crafting a cerebral brand of techno-laced electronica. A musical pallet which is made up chiefly of hard and fast breaks, frenetic drum patterns and cosmic synths is key to Sonic Radiation’s progressive space-age sound. As SR makes clear within many of his online bios, his music can be summed up as having “one eye on the past and one eye towards the future”. This statement couldn’t be any the more accurate with tracks such as ‘Collider’, ‘Helix’, ‘Cement Shadow’ and ‘Zenith’ proving testament to this as SR merges futuristic soundscapes with retro-inspired sci-fi influences. SR’s SoundCloud provides enough evidence that sci-fi inspired electronica runs deep within his musical DNA and his forthcoming release ‘Magnetix’ continues with this theme.

Whilst ‘Magnetix’ incorporates many of SR’s musical traits there’s a much more housey feel to the core beat. As with all of SR’s tracks, ‘Magnetix’ demands the listener’s attention from the very beginning. A g-force inducing intro means ‘Magnetix’ elevates itself swiftly against an extraterrestrial musical like-backdrop propelling the track into out of orbit. Describing his music as Space-Age EDM, ‘Magnetix’ underlines Sonic Radiation’s very own self-analysis of his electronic compositions via techno entwined melodics and clusters of fast-paced futurist-electro. This could well be dance music for a higher alien-like being and leads to the question, what does Sonic Radiation know that we’re not yet aware of?

‘Magnetix’ will be released on 25th May.

Questions and Answers with Sonic Radiation.

Sonic Radiation is the musical alias of Dallas native, producer and artist, Todd Last. We first learnt about Sonic Radiation in 2017 after the release of ‘Dyon’. Although despite our fairly recent discovery, SR has a storied history in producing electronic music as he tells us more about his past, the present and also the future below.

What made Todd Last aka Sonic Radiation start producing?

Hello! Thank you so much for the interview. When I first heard electronic music in college, I was blown away! It was so different and unique from anything I’d heard before. I was hooked and had to make my own. It took a long time and I’m thrilled to be able to now.

Your music is rather distinctive, how did you come to hone such a unique sound?

My style must come from what I like in music and movies. I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and sci-fi movies. Also, great bands like Rush, Depeche Mode and many others really got my attention. I think my style kind of happens by making a sound that takes the best of what I like and enjoy in what I see and hear as a fan.

Could you tell us a little more about the production process you take when producing?

My thinking is always to try and make a sound that I like. After I got it the best I can, I can’t wait to share it with hopes that others will enjoy it in whatever way they like to listen to music and maybe, be an escape for them.

Describe your music in 3 words?

Space Age EDM.

What inspires you when making music?

I’ve truly loved music all my life and I love being a part of the world of electronic music. Trying to make the best song I can is always my interest and task at hand. Contributing to the genre of electronic music is something that I enjoy and is important for me.

The last time Sonic Radiation was featured on EDMR was following the release of Dyon, what have you been up too (musically) since?

I’ve been thinking about, learning and working on trying to make the best sounds and visuals I can. Music is a really big topic with many different areas to learn about and include in my releases. I’m really fascinated and drawn to the world of music as a creator and a fan.

How does your new track Magnetix differ from Dyon?

I think all my songs try to grab you by the ear. I hope each one takes you on a different journey through time and space. Each track really reflects my skill level and life at the time. I release each song when it’s finished and I hope over time that will be interesting.

Your music has a very heavy sci-fi edge to it, both melodically and aesthetically, does this represent you and your thoughts on extraterrestrial life?

Take me to your leader! haha… I visited Roswell once, they really get the best of their UNK N 469 close encounter! I think my music is more influenced by the vastness of space and the smallness of within and the electronic music in-between. Travelling through the galaxy far, far away always brings me a new hope.

Tell us something about yourself no one knows?

I like to imagine I can get away from it all on my space station and enjoy my great view of Planet Earth. It’s so quiet and peaceful out there.

What’s next for Sonic Radiation?

My mind, body and soul are itchin’ to start my next track. Each one takes a long time so I better get to it. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy ‘Magnetix’ in your Space!

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