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Robustt Is On A Genuine Rude Boy Ting

Robustt Is On A Genuine Rude Boy Ting

Robustt is a young bass producer hailing from Sydney, Australia and his latest track ‘RBT’ is the latest release on The South East Grind.

‘RBT’ (Rude Boy Ting) is a devilish composition that hits you hard and fast from the very beginning thanks to a militant drum roll which fades in and out between warped synths and reggae lyrical chops. Dubstep stabs are fused with trappy melodic influences to  bring about varying levels of visceral anger and raw energy throughout. ‘

RBT’ is somewhat of discordant composition that still manages to blend smoothly together thanks to the skill of its creator.

Check out Robustt’s ‘RBT’ below.


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