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REVIEW: Sonic Radiation ‘Dyon’

REVIEW: Sonic Radiation ‘Dyon’

Sonic Radiation – or Todd Last as he is otherwise known – is a forward thinking electronic producer who by his very own admission has “one eye on the past and one eye towards the future.” With a passion for sci-fi and especially extraterrestrial life forms Sonic Radiation uses pop-culture imagery and a distinct brand of font for much of his music’s artwork creating very much a substance over style vibe which has an air of carefree coolness to it. Now, this obviously wouldn’t quite work the same if the music that accompanied didn’t hold up. Which thankfully for him, and us, it does. And does to tremendous effect.

The Dallas, Texas born artist’s admiration for 80s and 90s electronic pop is present within all of his music. There’s an overtly techy and sci-fi inspired angle to his sound and style that should make fans of keyboardist duo The Crystal Method, circa Legion of Boom era, and Gary Numan especially interested in what he has to offer. Sonic Radiation also has a technical astuteness to his productions which reflects throughout the absorbing story-like electronic melodies he creates for the listener.

However, whilst the vast majority of his soundcloud offerings are of a dark and electronic conviction a significant shift in tempo can be heard when listening to much of his most recent work. If you take the likes of his most recent release ‘Dyon’ (which we review below), plus ‘Helix and ‘Collider’ you can instantly hear SR has consciously upped the ante with his newer material probably finding itself more at home being played full-tilt at an after hours club in the city. Whilst older tracks such as ‘Cement Shadow,’ ‘Zenith,’ and ‘Ionized’ are still of the electronic nature they’re not as pacy and progressive as his latest trio of works.

Sonic Radiation ‘Dyon’

Its slow, casual and gradual build up adds a nervy anticipation to ‘Dyon’ which looms right up until the initial drop. The frenzied beat swiftly picks up the pace under a radiance of glistening synth laden electronica shining across a techno tinted astral soundscape. Like many of SR’s productions, ‘Dyon’ is as multi-layered as intuitive and as the track unravels you hear SR’s sci-fi inspired sound pallet begin to blend with the track’s cosmic and astral energy to create compelling slice of electronica from the up and coming young Texan.

Sonic Radiation Dyon

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