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REVIEW: Skream – Poison

REVIEW: Skream – Poison

Whilst Skream has been his usual restless self with regards to bookings his studio efforts have been few and far between this year, although that’s about to change with the release of uncompromising techno romp, Poison.

Since his rather dramatic switch from dubstep to house & techno, Skream has been honing his new sound by exploring the breadth and depth of his newfound musical output releasing across the electronic dance board. However, Poison is a strict techno roller which kicks off with what sounds like a sample of a preacher looping over a variety of sinister pads and revolving drums to underpin the intoxicating groove which is prevalent from start to finish. 

Stream the single Poison below.

Poison – Tracklist

1. Poison
2. Poison (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)

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