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REVIEW: Netrik ‘Surprise’

REVIEW: Netrik ‘Surprise’

Netrik is the musical alias of David Loeffel who returned to the music studio to begin a new and exciting chapter in his electronic music career at the beginning of 2018. The Swiss artist, who is based in the country’s de facto capital and federal city, Bern, made a welcome return to the electronic dance music scene following a very successful stint performing in various countries in cities across Europe as a pianist in a popular Swiss band playing funk, soul, reggae, and rai.

Having not shared any new music to his Soundcloud page for well over two years, the last we heard of Netrik was fuck music project names, Drifter, the multi-talented Swiss musical is back with a new track, ‘Surprise.’

’Surprise’ is a rather outré number and one that we are finding very tricky to define or indeed generalise. The main beat boasts an eclectic and varied assortment of musical influences from funk, disco, and electronica and you can clearly here Netrik has drawn inspiration from his time in the band he originally halted his electronic career for. The beat opens in the most eccentric of fashions; a bubbling, chirpy bundle of electro-synth lines and open drum pads that explode as the initial wave of vocals start to begin. Lyrically ’Surprise’ is a world away from Netrik’s previous material as an opening line of “Certain people would wanna see your name tarnished, want to prevent you from reaching your target” proves to be in contrast with the upbeat, sprightly nature of the melody. As the track progresses the lyrics, which are delivered in a London, UK accent reminiscent of late 00’s rapper, Just Jack, make way for a smoky, enchantingly soulful vocal arpeggio led chorus but not before a second-bridge like verse begins featuring a different rapper opening with the line ‘Make way for the disco bunny. Its core beat then steps up the pace frivolously switching up into something much more electronic an 80’s style synth-led compounding the disco/funk element of the beat perfect in fashion.

We are all in agreement Netrik definitely made the right choice in returning to the studio and we look forward to what is coming next from the Swiss producer.

Check out Netrik ‘Surprise’ below.

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