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REVIEW: Lyonbrotherz – ‘Circles’

REVIEW: Lyonbrotherz – ‘Circles’

The Lyonbrotherz are all about good-time melodies and uplifting basslines. Anyone fortunate enough to hear cousins Daniel & Keven’s previous releases, ‘World of Fire’ & ‘Identity’, will already be aware of what the League of Lyons label-owners can be capable of. Although if not then ‘Circles’ is a fine introduction.

Lyonbrotherz latest track ‘Circles’ arrives just-in-time for the summer. This appears to be a conscious effort by the German pair whose sights are clearly set on making sun-kissed house music complete with saxophones, smooth drum rolls and smoky, soulful vocal lines.

 Lyonbrotherz ‘Circles’ 

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