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REVIEW: Dario Margeli ‘When Your Brain Lies To You’

REVIEW: Dario Margeli ‘When Your Brain Lies To You’

The road has been long for Dario Margeli although that isn’t to say it hasn’t been an enjoyable ride. Whilst formerly based in the US, Margeli only began to take music production seriously after relocating to Europe. And we’re all lucky he did.

‘When Your Brain Lies To You’ is like an audio smorgasbord of retro synth effects and juddering drum patterns. Its apparent Margeli is an obvious synth enthusiast as he proudly lists an array of live instruments – such as a Moog Synthesiser, Korg Polysix and Juno 60 – that were employed to produce the beat. Whilst ‘When Your Brain Lies To You’ is Margeli’s latest work the concept is steeped in 80s electronica masterfully drawing inspiration from one of the genre’s most important decades.

For more visit Dario Margeli’s website.

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