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REVIEW: Arte Atomica ‘Hey DJ’

REVIEW: Arte Atomica ‘Hey DJ’

Electronic dance currently couldn’t be in any better shape. Which is in stark contrast to the early 00s when interest in “dance” music began to wain considerably after The Strokes and The Libertines made being in a band cool again. This saw countless new indie fanboys begin wearing jeans three times to small for them subsequently giving thrift shops in cities all over the world an unexpected boost in sales of ill fitting leather and ripped denim jackets.

However, like everything music moves in cycles and it wasn’t long before a portion of said new-indie kids swapped their denims and leathers for black v-neck t-shirts and snapbacks. And with this came the rebirth of an electronic dance culture for a new age, a digital age. Although now a myriad of new sub-genres and musical offshoots were bubbling under the electronic landscape waiting for the right opportunity to explode into the nation’s consciousness. One of these new styles being the Aussie-born sub-genre, Melbourne bounce.

It’s testament to the popularity of Melbourne bounce that the sound has taken hold in EDM’s heartland, North America. One such producer pushing this particular brand of Australian bounce house from his Calgary studio is Canada’s Arte Atomica with his latest track, ‘Hey DJ.’

‘Hey DJ’ is a vocal heavy number bursting with hyperactive synths and rolling, looping rhythms. Whilst the hypnotic nature of the track is largely down to the smart, slick soundscape Arte Atomica has created, there’s still much to be said for it’s lyrical content. As a live PA ‘Hey DJ’ would make for a certified crowd pleaser but also thanks to its musical versatility would also seemingly slot into live set or mix cd. Throughout ‘Hey DJ’ there’s a raw, kinetic energy which gives the impression at any moment the track may divert into a new direction. Which it then does following the first drop signalling the end of the initial verse and paving the way for an explosion of wiggling melodies and bouncing bass lines. If you’re new to this particular style of electro infused house then Arte Atomica’s ‘Hey DJ’ is a good place to start.

Check out Arte Atomica’s ‘Hey DJ’ below.

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