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REVIEW: Anton Cullen – ‘Breaking Through’

REVIEW: Anton Cullen – ‘Breaking Through’Score 62%Score 62%

‘Breaking Through’ is the first release taken from Anton Cullen’s as yet untitled debut album.

Whilst it may be cliche there’s a very clear 8-bit, NES heavy synth influence running through the very core of ‘Breaking Through.’ And whilst the track is largely built around these bonus level like bleeps and ascending synth patterns following the first drop comes a crushing, bruising bassline, almost from out of nowhere to take the focus away and steer it somewhere new, somewhere darker.

If there’s one thing ’Breaking Through’ will do, other than leave you in a head nodding, face scrunching state of flux it’ll also leave you wanting more, much more in fact. We look forward to hearing more from the album.

Purchase your copy of Anton Cullen ‘Breaking Through’ via iTunes.



Summary Unflinching bass patterns compromised by video game nostalgia makes for a hard-hitting if slightly underwhelming track.

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