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REVIEW: 101 – Exclusive World 5

REVIEW: 101 – Exclusive World 5

A new mixtape has been released by tireless rapper 101, his fifth of the year, titled Exclusive World 5.

As with many of 101’s past releases his new mixtape is a raw and undiluted mix of nu-rap and hip hop. 101 is an ever-present force throughout the mixtape but he has also made room for a slew of collaborations with emerging artists like Nut Savage, Kash, J Loud, KGEE, Jackr Starve, Los & Luhgreg.

However, 101’s unflinching rap bars aren’t his only talent. The St.Louis artist is also a hot producer whose rich, drill laced hip-hop beats caught the ear of a certain Mr.Floyd Mayweather who swiftly signed him to his label, The Money Team Music Group.

Check out 101 Exclusive World 5 mixtape below.

101 – Exclusive World 5

Artwork for 101 mixtape Exclusive World 5


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