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Q&A with World of Caellus

Q&A with World of Caellus

Running a record label is no mean feat, despite the relative ease (in comparison to ten years ago say) in which it takes to begin. Label bosses are presented with a myriad of trials and tribulations from almost the time of launch. Drawing up contracts, issues with royalties, PRS payments, overdue and delayed releases are just a handful of examples of the day to day running of any record label, successful or not.

So imagine launching a record label, dealing with the aforementioned tasks whilst also creating and releasing a series of fictitious themes and stories in the form of an e-magaizne to coincide with each album release. Well, the ambitious minds behind fantasy inspired record label, “World of Caellus”, have done just that. And a whole lot more…

The thought and effort poured into to expansive music/art project, World of Caellus, is impressive. Can you tell us about the name and what’s behind it?

Hi! First of all I want to thank you for featuring my company in your site and introducing it to your audience, I’m flattered. “World of Caellus” before being an Electronic Dance Music label, is a dark fantasy / science fiction story, which will debut in the form of an e-zine in July, soon after the release of our first album.

Some chapters of the story will be illustrated to give the audience a better understanding of what is going on as they read, drawn and designed by some of the best new artists in the industry.

You will release your first album, Caellus & Camulus’ “Genesis”, on July 11th. Set to contain 15 instrumental songs what should the listener expect when hearing it for the first time?

“Genesis” is mostly a Trance music album, it will feature a downtempo song and another house song, but the other thirteen tracks are a collection of beautiful Trance music compositions, ranging from Progressive to Tech to Uplifting. Most importantly they feel like classics but brand new, Trance music as how it is supposed sound and feel.

And with a planned e-magazine set be released alongside the album your intentions to create something significant for the listener is clear. But what is your draw, as artists, to such a heavy fantasy theme in relation to artwork etc?

It’s always been so interesting to me the thought to create fictitious themes and stories, mixed with conspiracies theories in a fantasy setting; it’s fascinating to offer a different alternative to what is the standard way a Trance music label operates. I want to innovate, revolutionize the industry, offer more than just monthly music releases with cool titles.

You’ve stated that “Genesis” will provide a total-art experience and we’re genuinely excited to hear/see more. Will there be story chapters and illustrations to accompany each album release?

For each album release yes, that is the goal, that every album represents one of the chapters and that that chapter is illustrated. Of course, there will be a chapter published every one to two months, but the majority will not have drawings, unless we get to a point where we release an album every month!

Following “Genesis” what’s next on the release schedule for “World of Caellus”?

If “Genesis” is exciting, the singles from it that will be released with remixes will be even more. We have a schedule we are dying to show, with interpretations by Nathan Red, Sacred 7, Danny Legatto, Synfonic, Ohmaniac and Tommy Silent to name just a few.

Would you mind telling us a little more about the narrative behind Genesis? Please no spoilers though…

“Genesis” is about how everything began, about the creator, and his children/warriors. About the species he created and their interaction with the universes, it’s about sub-races rebelling against their creators to become masters of other sub-races. It places the gods of Abrahamic religions in a different scenario different than what is told in the sacred books. “Genesis” and “Rebellion” will tell the readers how are these universes set up and where some of the main characters come from.

What are the musical histories and resumes of those behind the label?

I’ve been actively involved in the Electronic Dance Music scene for 12 years as a music producer, record label A&R and manager and also, I’ve done some journalism for Trance music online magazines.

As a producer I’ve released countless singles with music labels such Armada Music, Straight Up!, Silent Shore Records, Redux Recordings and Blue Soho as “Der Mystik” and “Quaver”. As a remixer I’ve done work for Yakuza, Lost Language, Reclubling as well as the labels I’ve previously mentioned. As a man behind the scenes I’ve managed Factual Records, Exalted Tunes and the now closed Real Legacy Records. So yah, I’ve been around and will be until the creator allows me with “World of Caellus”.

Whilst we would, would you say “Genesis” epitomizes everything World of Caellus represents as a record label?

No, Genesis is but the tip of the iceberg, it sets up the foundations of what “World of Caellus” will be all about but there will be much, much more.

Check out the World of Caellus.

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