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Q&A with Ben Prada

Q&A with Ben Prada
Ben Prada is living proof that hard work and determination will always pay off, in the end.

A veteran club circuit DJ (as well as a producer) in both the UK and Turkey, Prada was first introduced to the DJ culture in the early 90’s when he was still living in his hometown of Antalya, on the southwest coast. However, a long and rather varied career path meant he could work in the music industry whilst tirelessly fulfilling the usual duties associated with up and comers and grass roots DJs; such as PR & flyer, promotions and radio work. And before moving to the UK, you could have regularly heard Ben Prada perform on various radio stations throughout his formative years as an artist.

Fast forward to today and Prada has been hard at work securing new artists for his label, Universal Grooves. A project which first launched two years ago and has been the home of various releases stretching the EDM spectrum from progressive house to trance as well Prada’s most recent EP offering, “EDM Raid”, which is out now. The label has a distinct European “house and electro” feel to its releases and includes Ivan Oliver, Sonny B, Alpha South & Ali Nurhak as part of its roster. The label’s biggest success came on BBC Radio’s “Introducing” slot in 2014 when the single “Our Lives” was featured along with “Summer Love”, which was picked up Dean Jackson and The Beat team who presents the Saturday Night show on Radio Nottingham.

Despite growing label commitments the Lincoln based producer has continued to hone his style by holding a weekly residency in Boston’s Piranha nightclub giving him a platform to showcase music whilst drawing relatively large crowds in the process. He has also been working on a continuing podcast series which will be released monthly via Radio Dance Charts.

We caught up with the Universal Grooves label boss whilst he wasn’t too busy securing tracks and artists to find out what’s in store for the label and to discus some of the differences between the UK and Turkey’s dance music scenes.

Ben Prada is a rather stylish name. Is this your surname or a tribute to the Italian fashion giant? If so, can you tell us why you chose it?

Because  I’m dependable, very down-to-earth and well grounded. I’m always looking for meaningful work a career where I take pride in my work and do the best job I am capable of. My prime desire is to build protected and secure environment at home and at work. I’m very persuasive in achieving goals and gaining objectives. I can be very detailed and well organised and I possess great organisational skills. At times I may appear too stubborn and overly critical to others, but my practical approach to life and productivity makes me one of the most beneficent members of the community. And Prada has all the meaning of the those expressions, I want it to be remembered and found easy.

Asides from making big room house and holding down various residencies in your hometown of Boston in Lincoln. What other projects does Ben Prada have on the horizon.

I enjoy working with Deep House and Tech House projects and I will continuously improve on all upcoming productions. I love being involved in new sounds.

In 2014 you launched Universal Grooves. Can you tell us any more about the label and what’s coming up?

Universal Grooves is a digital dance record label releasing electronic dance music. Since the label launched it has been attracting artists from around the globe and we have already signed a number of producers from Canada, Belarus, Ukraine, Italy and still going. 

What’s behind the title of your latest EP, “EDM Raid” out on Universal Grooves?

EDM has been one of the most rising styles in the main rooms in the past 5 years. I want it to share the progressive sounds which I have developed in UK with Electro Dance Music lovers in Turkey.

You received BBC Radio play with 2014 single “Our Lives”. What can you tell us about the track?

So glad that my sounds been aired on BBC Radio. “Our Lives” is a very touchy big room track. It has the sounds you need to push through the life of the record. I believe it is very emotive song and deserves to be heard. So far I have been amazed with the feedback, there are still people discovering the track and feedback just keeps on coming.

I haven’t released an official video yet, so do look out.

As a Turkish producer living in the UK what would you say are the fundamental differences in Turkish and UK made house music.

I started my career in Antalya Turkey back in the 90s where I used to play on local radio station as well in various nightclubs at the weekend. It always felt good pleasing many nationalities under one roof and on the same night. Unfortunately Turkey’s house music scene has only recently been gathering public interest, where in UK house music been  around since the 80s. So of course I’m finding audiences easier here in UK.

Can you tell us more about your residency at Lincolnshire’s Piranha Club.

Piranha Nightclub is an ideal nightclub for me as I have been apart of the concept since the start. I love the people who comes to listen and enjoy my music and I will always have regular attendances. In Piranha we connect with the crowd through the music. Some may say it is unconditional love.

And what advice would you give to any aspiring producers living in a foreign country?

If you are working towards your dream, remember there always will be barriers. Don’t be afraid, if you believe you can do it, don’t give up. It requires hard work, patience and attention to detail. It can be sometimes hard to please a crowd. But if the target is satisfaction, you’ll find the way.

Do not promise something you can never deliver. Do what you say you will do and keep your head and heart in it, above all else just keep smiling.

 Ben Prada “Our Lives”

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