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Q&A: Kid Legit

Q&A: Kid Legit

Kid Legit couldn’t be a more fitting alias for 18 year old Oscar Lopez. The young producer has already received some major support on tracks such as “Raketti” and “Raffinate” by the likes of Nicky Romero, Posso, Kastra, SAG, MARKO STC of Envision Recordings, Marat Leon and InYourBassment. At present Legit has an exciting trio of new releases upcoming along with a “special” remix that for now he is keeping tightly under wraps.

It’s a good time for Kid Legit who has a bright future ahead of him and as we found out via the below questions there’s more to the El Salvador electronic artist than just music.

So Kid Legit despite you being still 18, what’s behind the name?

I started learning to DJ when I was 14. I had a mentor that taught me everything I know (even gave me my first pair of studio monitors!). One day, I was told to think of an alias and I was absolutely stuck. Having a common first and last name wasn’t helping. I had a beanie that said “legit” and then the name “Kid Legit” came up. My friends quickly caught on to it.

You’ve been working with fellow countrymen NoizBleed on tracks such as Raffinate. How did your production paths cross?

Our paths crossed in late 2014 when I had released a remix on my Soundcloud before being terminated and having to create the account I have now. I followed and messaged them asking for feedback on the remix. Then, they asked for a collaboration and I liked the ideas they had.

There’s a distinct Finnish tone to the title, “Raketti”. Can you tell us more about this Scandinavian connection to your latest track?

The track was originally called “Photons” but once the vocals were added, the name felt inappropriate. We were brainstorming names in English and I had an idea of translating ‘rocket’ into another language. It sounded really cool to us in the Finnish language so we kept it.

After working with artists Geeve George and NoizBleed on your most recent productions is there anyone you’re collaborating with in the close future you care to tell us about?

I have another one with Geeve George. We’re leaving the big room sound for something else and I’m super excited for it.

You’re currently working on three tracks and a remix. What can you tell us about these and any future releases?

As I said, I have another project with Geeve George. I have one with my best friend and one with a singer that was on “The Voice UK” . The remix project will be of one of my favorite songs and will be a solo release.

How does the music you listen to influence the music you produce under your Kid Legit alias?

I try to listen to every genre out there. Every genre provides different elements that can be used in the collaborations and solo projects I have.

What’s been your standout track as a producer so far?

Raffinate. It’s our very first original track. That is the track that has almost 40k plays in total, an accomplishment we both were aiming for. Raketti is also Geeve’s first original track and is doing really good in its first days.

And finally, do you have any advice for other young producers looking to start making Dance & EDM

I would recommend anyone who is thinking of producing in general to start off by watching tutorials of what genre you want to produce. I’d recommend learning the tips and tricks every DAW has to offer. Also, don’t start off by breaking your bank account, use whatever laptop, headphones and speakers you have.

Check out Kid Legit’s Soundcloud profile here.


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