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Q & A with Wayne Pryke

Q & A with Wayne Pryke

Wayne Pryke is a hard working Dj/producer hailing from the North of England whose new single “We Face Our Problems” is fresh out this month. However, whilst his production journey may not have begun as early and swift as his Dj career, Pryke is quickly finding his own style and technique in the studio, and “We Face Our Problems” is a shining example of this.

After we discovered “We Face Our Problems” we were keen to meet the man behind the track. So we did and the young progressive house producer told us more about his new single and why we should be listening to it whilst chilled out on a beach somewhere.

Where did the production journey begin for Wayne Pryke?

I started DJing when I was 18, It wasnt until I was 23 when I decided to expand on my Djing & study Music Production.

What was the thought process behind “We Face Our Problems”?

2016 started of as a rough year for me, I wanted to create a track which encouraged me to face those problems, I hope that it can help other people to face their problems aswell.

What would be the ideal setting or scenario to listen to “We Face Our Problems”?

We Face Our Problems is more chilled – If your sitting on the beach relaxing or even in the Garden with a cocktail thats the best setting!

Is there any new music in the pipeline or any projects you’d like to tell us of?

I would like to spend more time promoting We Face Our Problems before creating more music as I would love for more people to listen to it, but I want to get my Studio setup & release more music – Ive got a few projects coming up! Im creating my first Mashup with Drake & Rihanna which will be out in a couple of weeks & also a short track next month.

Where do you see you and your career heading next after “We Face Our Problems”?

I would like to get my studio sorted so that I can concrete in releasing more music in 2017!

Tell us more about your Ministry of Sound debut?

The highlight of my career so far! I loved it! I had just completed my DJing course & I sent a mix to the venue which they loved & they gave me a 1 Hour Djing Slot. I was totally shocked when they rang me up asking if I could perform.

Would you release an Album in the future?

Maybe way in the future, I don’t think a Album would work for me as of yet, My priority is to make good songs and getting them out there.

Will the next thing you release have a different sound?

My next track will more club-oriented!

How have your Friends & Family found your career?

They are all very proud of me, I would never of been able to start any of this without my Mum & Dads support and help, I can’t thank them enough for how much they have helped me from day 1, my Girlfriend Melissa is a absolute diamond! Even though there are times where I am extremely busy and don’t get to see her much she has kept me motivated and always there for me, she’s amazing and I’m looking forward to see what future adventures we have together!. Ive also got the best friends I could ask for – They stop me from going insane!

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