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Missy Miss Behave On Her Metamorphosis

Missy Miss Behave On Her MetamorphosisScore 78%Score 78%

The word intriguing gets banded around quite a lot, even I and my fellow EDMR team members have been guilty of rather frivolously branded many an artist as being so. When really, interesting or different would have served, at best. However, once in a while, a truly intriguing artist comes out from the shadows and into our light, and Missy Miss Behave is case in point.

For those of you who aren’t aware then Missy Miss Behave is in her own words “a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer who just so happens to be transgender”. Hailing from the green and leafy Johnson City in the US state of Tennessee, MMB cites a wide array of artists as inspiration for her music from Emo rockers such as My Chemical Romance to rising hip-hop artist, Trippie Redd.

Setting out on her musical journey aged just three she began playing the cello before learning the piano at five and moved on to the guitar aged ten. Which isn’t bade for considering she yet to hit her teens. Although, it wasn’t until she reached university that she began experimenting with electronic beats and decided to pursue a career in music. Also around this time, MMB rather frankly tells us, she became a girl. Whilst this isn’t necessarily important to you or me, the transition is undoubtedly a huge deal for anyone who has experienced life in the so-called ‘wrong body’ and has had the courage to act upon it. And this reflected open and honestly throughout MMB’s music.

Whilst on her journey from male to female Missy Miss Behave has released two well-received singles in the form of ‘OMG’ and ‘Black Coffee’ feat. Emmaline as well as her debut album, 2017’s Jagged Weather. Along the way, the eccentric US producer has also managed to find herself up in front of TV’s Judge Judy Sheindlin, find out why below within MMB’s Q & A feature. Now she finds herself releasing arguably her most captivating work to date, the Metamorphosis EP.

‘Metamorphosis’ isn’t just an EP for Missy Miss Behave, it symbolises much more than just music. We guess the clue is in the title. An unusual sound palette made up of wavey bass lines, far out synths and penetrating drum rolls are employed to create this two track EP. It would be lazy to brand ‘Metamorphosis’ as ‘experimental’ as the time, effort and patience that has gone into building such a multi-layered beat deserve much more. We guess it’s futuristic take on synth-pop with similarities to Bjork’s newly appointed oddball producer Arca and the futurist vives of Laurel Halo. Metamorphosis’ has been built around throbbing sound designs that features a War of the Worlds-like audio narrative and space-age, cosmic melody. The flip side ‘Wolfskin’ is just as obscure in its approach to sound texture and beat building but with a more a grounded, dare we say traditional electronic break-beat influence that rides throughout as the track manages to remain incredibly ‘out there’ whilst still just about in touch with reality.

Questions & Answers with Missy Miss Behave

As artists go, Missy Miss Behave has a lot to say. So we thought the only way to find out more from her about her life experiences, her music and her impending possible appearance on that particular American arbitration-based reality court show was to fire a few questions her way.

So, Missy Miss Behave. Let’s get right down to it. Your name suggests you misbehave somewhat. So tell us, what’s the most mischievous thing you have ever done?

I’m an art thief! I haven’t been convicted yet, but I am standing trial in the court of Judge Judy on 3/28/2018. I’m not upset about it because it’s such a timeless crime. Be sure to watch the episode to learn more (hopefully they air it!)

Tell us more about your past? How did you get into music production?

At the age of six, I started by smashing randomly on the keys of a Yahama. It had the ability to record directly into the electric piano. I would lay down a few tracks, and then some more and some more. I was able to get some serious nonsense going at the time. More seriously, I began late my Junior year of college and EVEN more seriously my senior year. The Judge Judy artwork scandal centres on the work that I used as the album cover for my first album Jagged Weather. At some point in there, I became a girl.

What artists inspire you?

My all-time inspiration I would say My Chemical Romance, Gucci Mane, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Merzbow.  My style isn’t a direct reflection of any one of those artists, but there are aspects of their music I regularly find myself incorporating. Currently, I am really inspired by a lot of pop, hip-hop and RnB. My favourite “new” discovery is Trippie Redd.

Your new EP is titled Metamorphosis. What’s the meaning behind that?

At some point in my life, I became a girl – or at least was allowed to flourish as one. The EP centres on that experience, before and after. The first track wolfskin. attempts to capture a sense of unease and entrapment, but not full-blown panic. I composed it in 12/8 with lots of recursive melodic patterns. I don’t know if you can hear it or if people care that I did that.

If you could describe yourself in four words, what would they be?

Manic pixie dream tranny. (I can say the word, you can’t)

What can fans expect to hear from your forthcoming EP?

Well since Metamorphosis I have actually released another EP! The next one is titled OMG and it centres on melodic RnB style hip-hop with a driving, gritty edge. Almost like Trippie Redd! I’m working on more electronica material as well – I think fans can expect that I will continue to investigate warped timbres, polyrhythms, and baroque style melodies.

What’s next for Missy Miss Behave?

I’m leaving Tuesday to go get sued! But after that, I have a pop/RnB collab project that I would like to release. I have most of my next album written, it is just a matter of putting in the work to get the full thing recorded. I’m stretched thin working my day job and trying to make progress on this front.

If you could compare your music to an animal which animal would you compare to, and why?

The song metamorphosis is a dolphin. The sound, in the beginning, makes me think of that and I don’t know why. Although more generally, I would say birds. Birds have lots of different sounds, and naturally, create a call and response type sonic pattern when in nature. I try to emulate that in my music to some extent.
Can you talk us through the creative process you take when making music?
The most important part of making a new song is a motif, and the most important part of a motif is its groove (in my opinion). The first step is to find a short pattern with a distinct character. Then you find another. Then you see how they interact and whether they can be friends. You pretty much repeat this process until you have a whole bunch that you can mix and match and…. Viola! music.

Any advice for young producers looking to start producing?

Learn your way around royalty free/legal sampling. I’m a proficient instrumentalist, but there will always be someone who can play every instrument better than you can ever play it. Find them, and get a little bit of their sound in your music. I personally don’t choose to go that route although it is very effective and popular. I like to make all of my stuff in midi so I can have microscopic control over each and every note. It’s not that I think it makes my music better – I’m just a control freak.



Summary Eccentric futurist neo synth-pop delivered over a two-track EP.


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