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KOSMO Records Latest Signing LUURK Drops ‘Quit You’ feat. Andrew Raposo

KOSMO Records Latest Signing LUURK Drops ‘Quit You’ feat. Andrew RaposoScore 83%Score 83%

The music game can be as demanding and unforgiving as it is rewarding and that’s only once you surpass the grass roots level. So juggling a fledging career in electronic dance music with your formative years as a young man can prove even more challenging. That in mind it’s refreshing to see (and hear) seventeen year old producer LUURK, otherwise known as Sasha Conway, go about his business.

Hailing from Arizona, he caught the attention of Munich based record label KOSMO Records who signed the young artist earlier this year. At 17 it would be fair to assume he is somewhat of an up and comer, and you would be right in your assumptions. However, like with so many producers and artists , LUURK would probably be the first to proclaim that age is merely a number and rightly shouldn’t have any major bearing on an artist’s perceived talent and potential.

On ‘Quit You’ it isn’t just LUURK’s production prowess that is to be admired but also the vocal talents of the track’s featured artist, Andrew Raposo. The gentle, soothing bass line which remains prominent throughout takes in various effects and emotive synth patterns as it calmly approaches each drop and the progressive nature of its creator shines throughout making it tough to box into a genre. One thing is for certain that on ‘Quit You,’ and much like previous releases, LUURK has sourced the ideal vocalist to handle lyric duties.







Summary Soothing, progressive melodies and glitchy bass lines combust to create hard to box Future Bass cut from young Arizona producer, LUURK.


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