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JFK is a forward thinking dance producer hailing from the hustling, bustling streets of Brooklyn, NY. A certified New Yorker, JFK’s music reflects his life and career and his latest EP; featuring the tracks ‘Foot Werk,’ ‘Hustle Hard’ and ‘I Just Wanna Party’ is further evidence of this.

Whilst the 3-track EP aggressively chops and changes its direction all three tracks remain true to their trap nature only with the added influence of different underground styles. ‘Foot Werk’ goes in hard and tough as militant drums beat alongside dramatic, spaced out synth rolls creating a cinematic soundscape befitting of a sci-fi movie score. ‘Hustle Hard’ does exactly that as a chugging 808 clashes with chattering saw synths to produce an intense trap/dubstep crossover ideal for JFK’s clipped lyrics. ‘I Just Wanna Party’ potentness is largely due to the growling bass line which opens the track and remains a prominent feature throughout.

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