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Jayda G Will Host a Four Week Residency at Phonox

Jayda G Will Host a Four Week Residency at Phonox

Jayda G will host a four week residency at London’s Phonox throughout February 2019.

The Vancouver-born, Berlin-based DJ / producer will kick proceedings off on the first weekend of February (1st). Jayda will be joined by Kwasiba Savage for the opening night of her four-week stint. The following Friday (8th), Jayda will be joined by Natasha Diggs and a week later (15th) her label partner and Sex Tags Mania co-founder, DJ Fett Burger joins her. The final performance (22nd) of her February residency will see Jayda G perform solo from start until close. 

Recognised for her incomparable passion for spinning house, disco, funk and soul. Jayda will undoubtedly be looking to employ a similar blend of latin-fused dance genres when undertaking her residency at the Brixton club next year.

Tickets for the event are now available via RA.

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