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Interview Exclusive: Mixmash Youngster Mark Villa Chats with EDMR

Interview Exclusive: Mixmash Youngster Mark Villa Chats with EDMR

In today’s fast paced, download driven, stream dominated music industry artists rarely have time to develop. After signing with a label an artist’s profile can diminish rapidly if A&R’s expectations aren’t met with each and every release. Before long that once promising talent who was the talk of the summer festival circuit can disappear into obscurity almost as fast as it takes to upload their latest release online.

Thankfully for 16 year old Mark Villa, or Martinus as his parents most probably still refer to him as, signing to Mixmash Records and working under the watchful eye of the Dutch label’s A&R specialists has provided the ideal start. However, this wouldn’t have been achieved without the dedication and attitude shown by Mark Villa when attempting to join Mixmash at 14 via a demo drop at Dancefair.

In 2016 Villa released two huge tracks titled ‘Venture’ and ‘No Mercy’. The first of which gained the support of Mixmash owner, Laidback Luke plus Lucas & Steve and Don Diablo and the later notched up over two million plays on Spotify.

So it’s safe to say that he is now well and truly at home on Mixmash and if the success of his first two tracks isn’t proof of this then him representing the label at Tomorrowland, Belgium and Parookaville, Germany should be.

This is set to be even bigger for for him with his brand new summer tinged release ‘Lots To Say’ featuring Keanu Silva already making waves. We caught up with Mark Villa to find out what his life has been like since signing to Mixmash and what the foreseeable future holds for him.

Mark Villa Press shot

Hi Mark – Firstly let us say thank you for agreeing to talk with us.

Same guys! Thank you so much for doing this interview with me!

You’re welcome. So, what’s life been like for Mark Villa since signing with Mixmash Records?

Basically my life hasn’t changed that much since! I’m now working with with Mixmash team, but still making my own music, doing my thing and still having my freedom. But I get to do so many fun things, also last summer playing Parookaville and partying with the crew! Those are fun moments.

You have a very accomplished style already at 16, we assume you’ve been making music for some time?

Thank you! I do, I have been making music since I was 9/10 years old. From the moment that I download FL 9, I knew I wanted to do this my whole life. But in the beginning it was hard, as it always is when you’re starting on something new. But I think in the past 3 years I’ve been constantly trying to improve myself as a producer and I think it was a year ago when I was somehow satisfied with my ‘level of producing.’ 

Last year you released ‘Venture’ and ‘No Mercy’ but what can we expect from you music wise 2017?

What I’ve been up to the last months, is trying to renew my sound! Put new elements in it, try other genres and explore. So expect some different tracks, but the thing that I’m trying to do with the new tracks, is that I’m always trying to make sure my signature sound is in it, so that people can hear that it’s me. You can still expect some club bangers from me as well though.

What can you tell us about your debut festival sets at Tomorrowland and Parookaville and how did the crowds in two new countries receive you?

It was amazing, these were one of my first shows and one of the best moments in my life so far. The crowd reacted really well and I spent a lot of time preparing my set and making sure that there was enough energy in it. Through these shows, I found out that I also love to perform and I can’t wait to do more shows soon!

You have a new collab just out, Lots To Say, with Keanu Silva. This track is slightly different than Venture and No Mercy, could you tell us a little something about the choices you made while producing this one?

I agree with you, this one is indeed a bit different. But what I wanted to do, is try to do something else instead of making the same kind of records over and over again! Plus I get inspired and really happy if I try out new styles. Personally, I think you can still hear it’s me, based on the melodies in the track!

Coming through at a time where social media and online exposure is so vital, how much of an impact do you feel its had on your career so far?

That’s a good question! I found out that it’s really important to be active on social media, and that a lot of people quickly judge you based on the amount of followers and your activity! So i’m working a lot on that right now. It has been become a vital thing in the industry I think.

And finally, what advice would you give to fellow EDM artists of a similar age to yourself looking to break into the scene?

Make sure to spend as much time at getting better at producing and learning more, if you want to! I’m kind of a computer nerd… but maybe that’s a thing that helped me get to the level of producing where i’m at now. And stay true to yourself.

Mark Villa & Keanu Silva – Lots To Say

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