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Ibiza Venues to Close for Two Weeks During Summer

Ibiza Venues to Close for Two Weeks During Summer

A clutch of venues in Ibiza will be forced to close this summer due to a number of “unresolved noise complaints” received during the 2017 season.

The undisclosed San Antonio venues will be forced to close for two weeks additionally to receiving fines totaling £8,036 for their role in what local publication, Dario de Ibiza called “acoustic contamination”.

Along with the enforced restricted opening times placed on venues in the area last year, the announcement appears to support the assumption that Ibiza officials are doing their utmost to silence the bars and dance floors of San Antonio’s West End once and for all.

Venue owners who feel rightly aggrieved with the perceived notion that their presence “diminishes the reputation of the region” are expected to appeal the decision.

The new measures will be introduced in February, transforming San Antonio into a Special Acoustic Protection Zone (ZPAE).

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