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Ibiza Nightspots Receive Licence Suspensions

Ibiza Nightspots Receive Licence Suspensions

Club licences held by two of Ibiza’s most revered night spots have been suspended by the council of San Antonio. 

A report compiled by Diario De Ibiza suggests that both Amnesia and Privilege had made alterations that “may generate dangerous situations.” 

In the case of the White Isle’s largest club, the 10,000 capacity Privilege, the report found that owners had made several modifications which allowed areas considered as too small by the council to be turned into dance floors. An estimate suggests that in doing so allowed the club to hold an extra 500 people.

Regarding Amnesia’s case, the report stated that Ibiza’s oldest venue had its licence suspended for extending the upper floor of the venue with planning permission. 

Both Amnesia and Privilege received fines for €650 and another for €54,999 as well as their licensing suspensions.

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