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Hurricane Worldwide Drops “Saturday”

Hurricane Worldwide Drops “Saturday”

There must be something in the water in LA at the minute. At present the Californian city is a hotbed of EDM talent having spawned countless producers, artists and DJs following America’s relatively new found love with electronic dance music, festivals and general rave culture.

Hailing from a city with such a vast, historic musical back drop has been a blessing for many of today’s producers, with most owing their formative years to Cali’s underground music scene. One which, despite being predominately hip hop, has seen a surge in electronic music over the last number of years.

Hurricane Worldwide began his career like many others. After realising he didn’t suit the grind of a 9 – 5 day he went about making himself known within his local house party scene in which he performed at local clubs and bars throughout his hometown on the Central Coast. But after single handedly schooling himself in the art of making music with varying DAWs, Hurricane Worldwide decided to work towards a more formal and recognised education. So where else would an LA based music producer seek for such studio guidance?  None other than the Harvard of music production colleges, the ICON Collective.

Hurricane’s schooling at the prestigious American music academy has undoubtedly had a positive effect on his music and “Saturday” is evidence of this.

As a track, “Saturday” embodies much of the LA party scene within a few sharp, short measures. As a heavily distorted sample lurks from the track’s inception, it isn’t until the first ascension of the beat and whirling vocal that most will recognise the original. But as the first drop looms as does a clutch of snares and kicks that come crashing over a sample of Ludacris’ 2002 single. The vocal sample is present but only in quick bursts before succumbing to an aggressive, jarring dub inspired melody that merges UK funky with stodgy blasts of sub-bass.

We’re positive about Hurricane Worldwide and are all generally looking forward to hearing more of his material in the no so distant future.

Check out his official website here.


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