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Flume Supplies Soundtrack for Greenpeace Campaign Video

Flume Supplies Soundtrack for Greenpeace Campaign Video

Flume and Greenpeace have partnered to release a new video with a focus on raising awareness of the environmental issues threatening the future of the Great Barrier Reef.

The video begins with breathtaking clips of the reef and its vibrantly coloured inhabitants set to a serene soundtrack. However as the track takes a turn for the darker so does the video as disturbing images of oil rigs and environmental disasters begin to appear. It’s a deeply thought provoking video and the unreleased Flume cut which soundtracks it couldn’t be any better suited.

Enjoy these previously unreleased sounds in collaboration with Greenpeace Australia Pacific,” Flume said. “This is important!”

For those of you that aren’t aware recent studies have shown that large portions of the Great Barrier Reef are dying due to the temperature of the seawater rising. Which is a direct effect of global warming.

A proud Australian it comes as no surprise Flume has shown support for Greenpeace and their efforts to help preserve the 2,300km-long Great Barrier Reef with their latest campaign video.

Check out the video below.

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