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Ellen Allien To Release Take A Stand EP

Ellen Allien To Release Take A Stand EP

Ellen Allien is to release a new EP at the end of the month, titled Take A Stand.

The EP will be made up of three tracks; Take A Stand, Trigger and Flying Objects and will land via Boddika’s NonPlus imprint. It will mark the first musical venture for Allien outside of her own label, Bpitch Control in twenty years.

As a veteran DJ, producer and promoter, Allien has been an advocate of house & techno since the early 1990s. Over the years, she has been instrumental in helping the scene grow from its early basement days into arguably one of the most popular derivatives of electronic dance music the world over. 

On the EP’s political angle, she said:

My own history and experiences in the techno scene inspired me to motivate people to stand up for what they think, for their opinions and rights. A lot of people say that techno isn’t political, but why not? It can be political of course.” 

Take A Stand – Tracklist

1. A1. Take A Stand
2. B1. Trigger
3. B2. Flying Objects

Hear a preview of the EP below.

Take A Stand will be released on 31st August.

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