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Dysphemic Unleashes a Druid Lizard for Free

Dysphemic Unleashes a Druid Lizard for Free

Whilst Dysphemic is a cross genre bass producer ‘Druid Lizard’ is very much built from a dubstep template. Albeit with a nu-wave edge.

Hollow drums ominously signal the introduction in the most aggressive of fashions. However, whilst ‘Druid Lizard’ features a tough bass the track has a sparce added injection of off-key serinity as Spanish guitar licks are sprinkled throughout the build-up to the drop. The beat then quickly cuts loose to usher in a vocal sample that states “people we call witch doctors” before the final stages of the track explodes into life.

Dysphemic’s Druid Lizard, which can be heard below, is brimming with ideas an originality and makes for a refreshing EDMR debut.

Dysphemic’s Druid Lizard

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