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deadmau5 Summons Audio Memories of Late 00’s Prog/Electro Vintage with “gg” & “saved”

deadmau5 Summons Audio Memories of Late 00’s Prog/Electro Vintage with “gg” & “saved”

You would think deadMau5 might want a break from his continuos online quarrels. In fairness he had already surpassed the high-bar set by his own savage trolling of fellow EDM artists such as Skrillex, Porter Robinson and Martin Garrix, to name a few, as soon as he brazenly uploaded two tracks titled; ‘the carp is mine,’ a remix of Jay Z‘s ‘The City Is Mine’ and ‘fuck you too,’ a re-edit of the Beastie Boys‘ ‘Hey F*?# You.’

But the trolling don was at it again on Monday firing a sly shot at Jack Ü and fellow members of the EDM glitterati by stating he missed the 58th Grammy Awards “because I didn’t work with any popstars this year. and the general public doesn’t find EDM interesting without one”.

So while Diplo, Beiber & Skrillex were performing their now over saturated, yet still somehow addictive brand of EDM to The Staples Centre “VIPS”, deadmau5 was preparing to release new music. Two new tracks at around 8 and 10 minutes entitled “gg” and “saved” that summon audio memories of his late 00’s prog/electro vintage. But you don’t have to take our word for it you can check both tracks out for yourself below.

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