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REVIEW: Danny Dymond ‘Nightlife, Love, & Liberty’ LP

REVIEW: Danny Dymond ‘Nightlife, Love, & Liberty’ LP

Canadian singer-songwriter, Danny Dymond has this month released his brand new full-length LP, Nightlife, Love, & Liberty.

The release of Dymond’s impressive debut follows a memorable performance for the Toronto based artist at Haldimand-Norfolk Pride in which he took the stage in the face of adversity from a group of homophobic religious protestors.

Nightlife, Love, & Liberty is made up of eight tracks and six new compositions plus collaborations with artists Lexi Tellings and Quanah Style. As the opening track ‘City Slickin’ kicks in your met with a high-octane rush of hedonistic pop with ‘Turn It Up’ following a similar suit. However, whilst the album isn’t all high-energy disco, see ‘Vicious’ & ‘Exclusive’ for an example of Dymond’s subtler dance compositions the final tracks of ‘Disco Mannequin’ and ‘Addicted To The Chaos’ draws riotous, fist-pumping close to an album that would undeniably be just as enjoyable to hear live as it is emanating from you speaker.

Danny Dymond – Nightlife, Love & Liberty

Download via iTunes.

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