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The Chainsmokers Debut Album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ Has Landed

The Chainsmokers Debut Album ‘Memories…Do  Not Open’ Has Landed

The Chainsmokers have rose to upper echelons of the EDM community relatively quickly. But that’s not to say the pair haven’t put in the work.

Ever since the production duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall released the Collage EP they have continued to impress with their music and live shows. Whilst being tipped as the ‘next big thing’ can sometimes heap unwelcome pressure on an artist, the New Yorkers have done everything in their power to fulfil the promise they showed. And their debut album, ‘Memories…Do  Not Open’ is fine example of just how far the pair have come.

Tracks such as ‘Paris’, ‘Something Just Like This’ and ‘The One’ have served as somewhat of a taster as for what to expect, but these merely scratch the surface. The other 9 tracks featured on ‘Memories…Do  Not Open’ make for a glorious, hedonistic listen. Demonstrating  the pair’s musicality, it’s evident that The Chainsmokers have poured their hearts and souls into the making of this album.

Stream ‘Memories…Do  Not Open’ in full below and try and tell us otherwise.

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