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B-Wheel Premier ‘Pump It Trump’ & Exclusive Interview

B-Wheel Premier ‘Pump It Trump’ & Exclusive Interview

Europe is like a hotbed for electronic dance music talent at the moment. There are countries such as Germany and Italy who each have something akin to a conveyor belt of producers making top quality house and techno for the world to dance to. And that’s not forgetting the recent surge in artists now emanating from various Scandinavian provinces such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway all bringing their own brands and sounds to the post Swedish House Mafia/Avici EDM universe. Whilst most may associate Switzerland with fine chocolates, high-end watches and, more recently, attempting to recreate the big bang via the CERN atom smasher, the country has also been very instrumental by playing their part in supplying the electronic dance world with a host of household names through the years (see Robert Miles, Luciano and DJ Antoine).

Holding it down for his country and attempting to further Swiss credibility in the EDM scene is an interesting producer who goes by the name DJ. B-Wheel. The up and coming electronic producer takes his lead from an eclectic assortment of electronic dance pioneers that include Mr. Mike, Mandrax, Flavio Vecchi, Frankie Knuckles and Carl Cox.

If you would like to know more about his recent track, and let’s be honest why wouldn’t you then you can find out more full write up below which includes a Soundcloud link to his latest track release below. We also caught up with the man, B-Wheel to find more out about himself including his inspirations and influences and where he hopes take to his sound in the not so distant future.

B-Wheel ‘Pump It Trump’

Whilst it may be wise for an artist to separate political allegiances with their music, some just can’t resist the temptation. It doesn’t matter which side of the political spectrum you sit, whether it be Labour or Conservative (UK), Democrat or Republican (US), it’s a brave move to promote your politics through your music. But Swiss producer B-Wheel has done just that after boldly choosing to use the current so called leader of the free world, Donald Trump as a sample soundbite for his track ‘Pump It Trump.’

‘Pump It Trump’ posses all of the fundamentals needed for a fist pumping, leg shaking stand out house track. A gentle inception built from a classic four to the floor drum pattern that has been spliced with UK garage flavour soon becomes suppressed with the slightly controversially vocal hook, depending on what end of the political spectrum you may find yourself, of President Donald Trump. It’s finely produced effort that comes to full fruition following the second drop which bursts into life and would evoke serious attention on the dance floors of clubs and raves the world over. Whilst not blatantly obvious on the first listen you begin to hear a slight comparison to a mid-00s Carl Cox. A vibrant track this will keep house purists satisfied throughout the summer and beyond.

Check out B-Wheel – ‘Pump It Trump’ below.


Seven questions with B-Wheel.

So B-Wheel  you’re based in Switzerland which is most famous for its watches and chocolate. But what else can you tell us about your country of birth?

Yes indeed. Watches, chocolate and fondue cheese are go hand in hand with the snowy mountains. But Switzerland also has a lot of DJs and producers and has done for years. Artists such as Jack Holliday, EDX, Mike Candys, Paraphonics, Quentin Mosimann, Remady and DJ Antoine all become famous from 2000 onwards. More recently Techno has regained the popularity it once had in the 90s.

Can you tell us more about the EDM scene in Switzerland?

Currently, several styles of electronic music are listed in the Swiss ranking. We love Electro-House, which has been at the top of the bill for a few years now, but also Tech House, House and Trance which has reappeared after a long period on the sideline.

We’re big fans of Luciano, Jamie Lewis, Andrea Oliva and Michel Cleis at EDMR all of whom originate from Switzerland. Which Swiss artists have inspired you and your music?

I have evolved after several years as DJ and during this time I was inspired by a number of well-know international artists and pioneers of house music such as
Pino Arduini, Mr. Mike, Mandrax, Flavio Vecchi, Frankie Knuckles, Carl Cox, Daft Punk, Real 2 Real, Snap, Jaydee etc,

Which preferred DAWs do you use when making your brand of electronic dance?

I mainly work with traktor for cutting, setting BPMs adapting and preparing loops. But everything else I do live using a mac. 

Other than EDM what other genres of music do you listen to?

I am a pretty open-minded person with different styles of music. Asides from electronic music I also listen to reagge, ambient, pop rock heavy metal, jazz

What would you be doing if you wasn’t a DJ/producer?

I’ll go fishing …… no that’s a joke of course. At present I can’t live from my musical production or my performances, in Switzerland life is very expensive practically all artists have a fixed job and do this beside their work.

What’s next for B-Wheel?

Some projects are in preparation, I met a guitarist (electric guitar) and I am preparing an EDM track with this instrument as an accompaniment.
I also want to do a and EDM with bagpipes, I think it might be interesting to see what it gives. I have EDM assembly ideas with current instrument or that have nothing to do with EDM music. I just finished a track with a speech cut of Mr. President Trump on a musical House base (see above). I also have two tracks called, Happiness and To the Sun that will soon be officially released on Beatport, Spotify etc on July 14, 2017 signed by the label Tainted Buddah Recs who are in Barcelona and another track called Octopus signed by the German label SdL Rec. This will also be released soon. I am currently working on two new tracks which will be ready this summer but are not yet signed. So a lot of things right now.

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