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Andres Campo To Release Cyclone EP

Andres Campo To Release Cyclone EP

After a year loaded with releases, Andres Campo finds himself closing 2018 in impressive style with an EP debut on Intec Records.

The three track EP marks the last release of the year for the Spanish producer. It features “exhilarating” lead cut ‘Cylcone’, “frenzied dance floor filler” ‘Ancient Gods’ and the “sinister” ‘Glacier’. According to a press release, the Cyclone EP is “hard-hitting with hypnotic grooves, captivating atmospherics and powerful synths” describing it as “peak-time perfection”.

As a regular supporter of Andres Campo it isn’t any wonder that label head, Carl Cox is choosing to put the EP out through his Intec imprint.


Image of Cyclone EP

Cyclone ep is released on November 30th.

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