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Mau5trap Presents Spor

Mau5trap Presents Spor

The Mau5trap Presents radio show, the weekly transmission podcast hosted and launched by everyone’s favourite twitter trolling electronic goliath is back for another week. This week’s edition, Deadmau5 celebrates the 5th episode by only playing world exclusives featuring new music from BlackGummy, ATTLAS, Matt Lange & No Mana.

As regular listeners will know, Deadmau5 always does his bit for his fellow DJs, no matter of their stature with past guests including No Mana, ATTLAS and Rezz. However, for the 5th edition deadmau5 has enlisted Feed Me’s drum & bass alias,Spor, for an hour of some brutal drum n bass featuring a wrath of his own material plus tracks from Phace & Noisia, Memtrix & Squarepusher.

Spor recently releases his Black Eyed EP, which is available for free download via BitTorrent.

Tracklist: Hour 1:

1. ATTLAS – I Need You More
2. Matt Lange – Consider This (Radio Edit)
3. No Mana – Slow Motion
4. Spor – Figaro
5. Dom Kane – Borg
6. BlackGummy – ID
7. Monstergetdown – Tress
8. Draft – Slipping Away
9. ATTLAS – Batch (Undercatt Remix)
10. No Mana – Cube Thing

Hour 2: Spor Guest Mix

1. Spor – Life Though A Lens
2. Spor – Figaro
3. Current Value – Enticement
4. Phace & Nosia – Drawback
5. Memtrix & Spor – Darkest Hours
6. Spor – Blurred Vision
7. Calyx & Teebee – Ghostwriter
8. Chroma – Intermission (Break Remix)
9. Ulterior Motive – Radeon
10. Spor – Mind Of An Insomniac (ft. Icicle & Linguistics)
11. Phace & Spor – Out of Focus
12. Spor – Strange Heart
13. Inside Info – Conformity
14. The Upbeats – Dungeon
15. Spor – Woodruff (feat. Phace)
16. Joe Ford – Caution (feat. Linguistics)
17. Spor – Know You
18. Spor – Texture Experiment 19. Squarepusher – Tundra 4


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